The Art of Walking

The Art of Walking

The Art of Walking


Australia’s most spectacular coastline is the setting for this very special documentary. A journey that conjures the beauty held deep within three remarkable people. Follow in the footsteps of American environmentalist and “Planetwalker” John Francis; former German figure skater Katarina Witt; and Australian Paralympian skier Michael Milton – each with equally inspiring stories, as they begin their trek along Australia’s most spectacular coastline, the Great Ocean Walk. Join them and experience the walk along blank canvas-like pristine white beaches, through forests of humbling 60-metre Mountain Ash trees, and beneath giant, sculpted limestone pillars carved over centuries by crashing ocean surf. See how the simple act of walking is transformed into something far more powerful – make your own journey and discover what is uniquely yours.

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Zach Merck


Michael Hilliard, Tim Daniels

Development Producer

Luke Mazzaferro

Executive Producers

Rob Galluzzo, Corey Esse


Peter Eastgate


Scott Walmsley, Sam Wilson


Dmitri Golovko

tourism, beach, beautiful, landscapes