Dougal Wilson

Everybody knows that trademark Dougal Wilson shot, the moment where the storybook world he has constructed stutters, very briefly – a tractor drives past a pony dancing to Fleetwood Mac, interrupting the mood; a young girl performing ballet to the strains of Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ almost, but doesn’t, knock over a glass. The joy of such moments? The sudden rush that follows, when the real slips away, and the dream completely takes over.


Meet Our Newest Director

Dougal Wilson joins FINCH

FINCH is pleased to announce that storied filmmaker Dougal Wilson has joined our roster of directors. Wilson is widely regarded as one of the most talented and distinct voices in contemporary filmmaking.

Wilson’s viral commercial for internet provider Three, in which a Shetland pony dances to Fleetwood Mac on the side of a cliff, is emblematic of his style — beauty warped by the slightest touch of surrealism.

Wilson was born in the United Kingdom, has a background in astrophysics, and developed his skills as a copywriter before making the leap to directing. Wilson has moved back and forth between commercials and music videos, leaving his stamp on both artforms in the process.

Known for his John Lewis Christmas commercials, Wilson has a singular knack for capturing the fantasies constructed by the young, and setting them in joyous odds against the “real world.” As in his iconic ‘Tiny Dancer’ commercial, where a young, clumsy ballerina makes her way around a living room to the sound of Elton John’s hit.

For the cult band Temper Trap, he found beauty and drama in a gaggle of schoolkids making rain-sodden circles around a muddy field. For the Rio Paralympics, he channelled Fred Astaire into a joyous celebration of difference, where disability is — just as is in the real world — beautiful and proud and complex.

Wilson’s work has been highly decorated, picking up major gongs at the UK Creative and Design Award, and the D&AD Awards, as well as winning Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions at Cannes.

Wilson and FINCH go way back. He was the director of the announcement video for the Lion’s Share Fund, asking brands to donate to animal conservation every time an animal is featured in their ads.