A number of years ago, FINCH’s CEO discovered there were no technology classes at his daughter’s all-girls high school. Around this time, our technology partner, Nakatomi, had sixty-seven applicants for an engineering role. Only two were women. We realised that the lack of diversity in STEM needed to be addressed via the education pipeline, so we co-founded Creatable on the premise of a world that leaves no one behind.  

Today, Creatable is a subscription-based teacher development platform that looks where others aren’t for ways to make education better. It draws on FINCH’s storytelling to create original content which connects teachers and their students to companies shaping the future of work.

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The Lion's Share

In 2018, director Christopher Nelius brought an idea to FINCH – what if each time an animal appeared in an ad, the brand made a donation towards conservation? Together, we co-founded The Lion’s Share with the UNDP.

The Lion’s Share aims to raise over USD 100 million per year by asking brands to contribute 0.5% of their media spend whenever an animal is featured in their adverts. Since then, The Lion’s Share has supported more than 20 conservation and animal welfare organisations through programmes and projects in 15 countries.


Nakatomi has brought together experts in the tech-related disciplines most relevant to the future, because unique problems call for uncommon thinking. They work under four umbrellas. Think, Make, Play & XP.

Nakatomi is FINCH’s technology partner.

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Atticus is an ensemble of post artists, born of FINCH’s passion for storytelling and innovation. With edit, grade, online, and VFX, Atticus gives FINCH’s creative partners a singular creative solution, with one team crafting one vision from treatment to picture lock. Craft without compromise.


We are more than line producers. We are your creative partners. As the largest production company in Australia and New Zealand, we have the wisdom of many years, and thousands of jobs, including Chef’s Table, Hornback, Cisco, Vodafone, and Nintendo, with partners who include MJZ, Somesuch, and Anonymous.