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Wikipedia’s list of Mythical Humanoids runs from Abarimon (a savage race of people with backwards feet) to Zombie (an undead human which preys on the living). This exhuastive list mentions the shapeshifting Inipi of Southern California, a vampiric creature from Philippine mythology known as the Tiyanak and the Banshees of Ireland, to name just a few.

Nowhere on the list does it mention Freddy Mandy, and we believe that is an omission. (Although it does include the Tikbalang, a tall bony creature with the features of a horse, so maybe he did make it on after all.)


The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide Talk Creativity With ‘Shots’

The Pair Get Things Done

The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide began their career in that typical way — in a refugee camp for Cuban dissidents, agreeing to take on a job to murder a shady character for an even shadier government agency.

Or at least, that’s what the pair — real names Freddy Mandy and Tim McNaughton — told Shots in a crackling interview that covered  their acclaimed career from its bizarre origins to its significant acclaim.

Perhaps best known for their hilarious commercial for MoneySupermarket, one that throws Dirty Dancing and the exploits of He-Man and his nemesis Skeletor into a heady stew, the pair combine a big, ambitious cinematic style with cunning humour.

You can spot a Bobbsey Twins commercial from a mile away — there’s just something about the pair’s antic energy, applying state-of-the-art craft to the strangest of situations.

Beginning as creatives, they jumped to directing as a way of getting “back to the nuts and bolts of making stuff.”

Now, continually uplifted and inspired by British sitcoms, the pair continue to make their mark on the world of commercials, while also not-so-secretly developing some ideas for a couple of movies and TV shows.

“There are only two types of joke: funny ones and the others,” the pair told Shots.

“Some brands say they just want a smile. That’s bullshit. If you are going to tell a joke, tell a good one. Commit to what you are doing. Make people laugh. If you don’t want to make people laugh, why are you telling jokes? Go sit in your room watching reruns of Dawson’s Creek and getting in touch with your feelings like some kind of emo teen.”

Read the interview in full here.