Rise Of ‘Machine’


Rise Of ‘Machine’

'The Sydney Morning Herald' Covers The FINCH Documentary

The prospective AI revolution is the subject of intense myth-making, with the tech scene packed with diverse and conflicting voices on whether it is to be feared or accepted — myths that FINCH documentary Machine tackles head on.

Co-directed by Justin Krook and Luke Mazzaferro, the documentary enlists the opinions of the biggest scientists and digital pioneers working in the space. With intelligence and nuance, the film sifts through the voices, and goes for complexity rather than reductive simplicity.

Upon its release, Machine was examined and discussed by not only experts, but the general public, who responded to its ability to cleave through the nonsense and fearmongering, and get straight to the heart of the matter.

Krook and the film’s producers, Michael Hilliard and Brian McGinn, spoke to Karl Quinn of The Sydney Morning Herald about the film, and did some additional myth-busting in the process.

“People are worried about the robot apocalypse but that’s not exactly the biggest threat we’re facing here,” Krook said. “There’s a lot of decisions being made behind closed doors by, let’s face it, mostly white men in Silicon Valley, and they’re imparting their own ethics and biases into these things as they become more complicated. 

“We should be frightened about certain things, but there’s also potential.”

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