‘The Washington Post’ Examines After ‘Girls Can’t Surf’


‘The Washington Post’ Examines After ‘Girls Can’t Surf’

The Film Tackles Gender Parity In Surfing

Girls Can’t Surf, directed by FINCH’s Christopher Nelius, is a story set in Australia — but its themes are universal.

Tackling gender discrimination in the world of professional surfing, the film features talking head interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport, as they outline the industry’s darker early days, rife with “boy’s club” sexism. 

Nelius’ innovative storytelling approach means that though the faces we see are almost exclusively Australian, the film outlines a path towards progress that can be adopted by anyone in the world, working in any sport.

Writing in The Washington Post, Des Bieler notes that the film “highlights the uphill climb of female surfers of the 1980s who weren’t getting much respect or support from their male counterparts or tour organizers. The film features many of the top female surfers of the time … discussing the fun and frustration they experienced.”

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