How Brands Can Do Good

Case Study

How Brands Can Do Good

The Lion's Share Rewrites The Script

The Lion’s Share is a case study in how brands can do good. It started with an idea. For those that sign up to The Lion’s Share, each time an animal appears in advertising, the company responsible will make a contribution of 0.5 percent of the ad’s media spend to The Lion’s Share, which will in turn ensure that those funds are invested in initiatives and programs that benefit animal welfare, conservation and their environments worldwide.

Nothing like The Lion’s Share has ever been attempted before. But with habitats — and even species of animals — disappearing at an unprecedented rate there is a need to step up and devise a unique and innovative way of helping.

FINCH co-founded the Lion’s Share with the UNDP.

The Lion’s Share draws on the experience and know-how of UNDP, which has a vast  portfolio of environment programs, to distribute funds. The UNDP’s established mechanisms for this distribution are transparent and accountable, ensuring funds will reach the animals which need it. UNDP is one of the most transparent aid organizations in the world.

The Lion’s Share Fund is a pioneering initiative that supports wildlife while elevating brands to resonate with audiences in a more meaningful way — thereby positively impacting the brand’s growth, trust, and profitability.

Since uniting with founding partner, Mars, the initiative has been joined by Cartier, Gucci, NRMA, Australian Made, Dog & Cat Lovers Show, Guinness Book of World Records, and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and media partners The Guardian, The Economist, and Marie Claire.