Atlassian And Creatable

Case Study

Atlassian And Creatable

Empowering Australia’s Teachers

For half a decade, Creatable has sought to provide hands-on educational opportunities for young people, connecting them directly to industry and opening new possibilities in their lives for innovation.

Now, working with Atlassian, a powerhouse in tech, Creatable has developed a series of video-based courses, designed to be delivered by teachers and consumed by students, all of them founded on the principle of collaboration.

Atlassian, voted one of the best workplaces in the world, excels at collaboration, solving problems through a multidisciplinary approach – contemporary solutions to contemporary issues.

Developing a number of hour-long videos to form the backbone of a series of courses — one on managing information, one on problem-solving, one on active listening, and all united by the theme of collaboration — Creatable sought to give young people real-world skills, and prepare them for the reality of the world’s ever-shifting criteria for success.

The videos, featuring interviews with those at Atlassian and directed by FINCH’s Kyra Bartley, introduce students to the reality of the modern workplace, opening their eyes to their own potential as future employees, and future leaders.

The courses work on a hybrid model. The videos are the cornerstone of the unit, but teachers are encouraged to work both with each other and their students to find new ways of expanding the central themes.

The emphasis on collaboration provides the hook, an easy, practical entry for young people, that can be nurtured and placed in the context of industry. Engaging, intelligent content, bridging the world of education and tech.

That’s the Creatable mission.