Partnerships for Change

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Partnerships for Change

How The Lion’s Share is Changing Conservation For Good

In 2020, The Lion’s Share launched Partnerships for Change, a long-term funding window that sought to distribute financial resources to a range of organisations across the globe.

Calling on brands to donate part of their media spend an achievable but impactful 0.5 percent — whenever they make an advert featuring an animal, the aim of the Lion’s Share is to create a financial pool that can be distributed to conservation efforts across the globe.

The first allocation of resources raised by The Lion’s Share and distributed under Partnerships for Change went to six organisations, all of them designed to tackle biodiversity issues facing The Leuser Ecosystem. 

A rich and diverse biosphere, The Leuser Ecosystem, located in Indonesia, sees tigers, elephants, rhinos, and orangutans roaming together. The swathe of rainforest is also one of the world’s most important sources of oxygen, meaning that its survival is critical not just for the local animals, but for humanity at large.

The first allocation established a women ranger team, conducted nine orangutan rescue operations, trained 200 farmers in sustainable and organic farming techniques, supported honey farmers, and planted 90,000 seedlings and trees. 

Elsewhere, The Lion’s Share has supported twelve indigenous communities in developing sustainable businesses, supported Sri Lanker’s rangers in their fight to protect turtles, and assisted wild dogs in Bhutan, Bolivia and South Korea by providing local vets with spaying and neutering training.

At home, The Lion’s Share responded to the devastation of Australia’s bushfire season by releasing two emergency grants designed to help local ecosystems rebuild and recover.

Real change requires real action.

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