The Lion’s Share in Ukraine

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The Lion’s Share in Ukraine

How The Lion’s Share Is Helping Refugees — And Their Pets

As the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues to grow, The Lion’s Share’s longterm partner Humane Society International is providing much needed support to refugees and their pets.

Ongoing conflict in the country is displacing families and disrupting networks of aid, leaving both refugees and those who have decided to stay in the country in an increasingly precarious position. 

The essential resources that so many of us take for granted — shelter and food — are in short supply in the country, adding increased pressure to an already volatile situation.

For those Ukranians with pets, an additional problem has emerged. During this time of crisis, people need the love and care of their animals more than ever — but with supply chains disrupted, many Ukranians are no longer able to provide their furred friends with food, a place to sleep, and veterinary care.

Medical services for animals are understaffed and under-resourced. For those millions of refugees, many fleeing Ukraine with their beloved animals, and those thousands who have decided to stay, the threat of losing a pet to sickness or starvation is very real.

Image: UAnimals

That’s where The Lion’s Share and Humane Society International come in. Working with pre-existing aid groups from within the country, Humane Society International is distributing pet food to desperate families and their animals.

Ensuring that this much-needed aid also reaches those who have fled Ukraine, Humane Society International has equipped refugee outposts with food, as well as trained veterinary care. Wherever refugees end up, Humane Society International is ensuring that they have the appropriate resources to keep their animals safe.

No-one should have to worry about how they’re going to keep their pets alive — particularly when dealing with the horror, stress, and heartbreak of war.

The Lion’s Share: keeping animals and those who love them safe.